We are redesigning Pier 58

Welcome to the Pier 58 design project online open house. We are redesigning Pier 58 to create a public park and improve access, safety and flexibility of the pier, while offering expansive views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. The new pier park is designed especially with families and young children in mind, with a playground, spaces to relax and a public plaza that will be programmed by Friends of the Waterfront.

At this online open house, you can:

  • Learn about the 60% design of Pier 58

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Pier overview

Pier overview

Elements of the new pier

  • An elevated seating area and lawn for relaxing and enjoying scenic views.
  • A viewing area that provides large, open views to the Bay and the Olympic Mountains.
  • The Fitzgerald Fountain will be restored and integrated into the new pier.
  • A plaza and event space that can be used for seasonal activities such as concerts, outdoor movies and other pop-up events.
  • A play area for kids and families. The concept for this element is still under development.
  • A restroom and concierge space adjacent to the promenade to serve visitors and families and to provide information on current programming.

Video: 60% design overview

Accessible PDF [2.4 MB]

Playground feedback

We have closed the survey portion of the online open house and are currently continuing to develop our design by considering the feedback we received. We will keep the remainder of the content up as a resource until we’ve reached our next design milestone.

There were 1,174 unique visitors to our online open house between November 13 and December 6, 2020. We received 148 responses to the playground survey focused on themes and play types. Thanks to all who provided feedback! As a reminder, this 5,000 sq ft playground (about the size of a basketball court) will be located on Pier 58 between the Aquarium and Miner’s Landing.

What we heard

  • Pier Piles, Shoreline and Washington Waters were the three themes that were initially presented. There was no overwhelmingly preferred theme, but many appreciated the use of vertical structures to provide a balance with the flatness of the pier and some transparency to highlight the view of Elliott Bay from the promenade and to enhance safety and supervision on the play space.
  • A lot of you liked the climbing features and rope elements
  • You also appreciated elements that could provide an educational opportunity as well as variety in the type of play
  • Parents and guardians want to easily be able to visually inspect the entire playground in terms of safety
  • The structures should be of play-interest for all ages, including adults

You are welcome to read the full summary on our website.