We are redesigning Pier 58

Welcome to the Pier 58 design project online open house. We are redesigning Pier 58 to create a public park and improve access, safety and flexibility to the pier, while offering expansive views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. The new pier park is designed especially with families and young children in mind, with a playground, spaces to relax and a public plaza that will be programmed by Friends of the Waterfront.

At this online open house, you can:

  • Learn about the final design of Pier 58

  • Learn about the initial restroom concept design

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An aerial rendering highlights the new features of Pier 58 design including views of open water, a play area, viewing area, plaza and event space, elevated seating area and lawn, Fitzgerald Fountain and a restroom.
The new Pier 58 design features promote areas for play and relaxation. This design creates a more accessible pier with at-grade connections between Pier 57, the Aquarium and the new promenade.

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Pier overview

Pier overview

Elements of the new pier

The new Pier will consist of these elements:

  • An elevated seating area and lawn for relaxing and enjoying scenic views.
  • A viewing area that provides large, open views to the Bay and the Olympic Mountains.
  • The Fitzgerald Fountain will be restored and integrated into the new pier.
  • A plaza and event space that can be used for seasonal activities such as concerts, outdoor movies and other pop-up events.
  • A playground for kids and families. This iconic playground will appeal to people of all abilities, interests and ages.
  • A restroom and concierge space adjacent to the promenade to serve visitors and families.

Video: Final design overview

Check out this video to get an overview of the final Pier 58 design.

Accessible PDF with audio [64 MB]

Playground final design

Playground final design

Thank you to all who provided feedback about playground themes and play types earlier this year! We received hundreds of responses (see feedback summary) and our final design is a combination of those themes and includes some other aspects that the community higlighted as being important, including:

  • A variety of play elements for all ages and abilities
  • The use of vertical structures to provide a balance with the flatness of the pier
  • Some transparency to highlight the view of Elliott Bay from the promenade and to enhance safety and supervision of the play space
  • Using materials that are durable and that can easily be maintained
  • Providing seating nearby

The playground has a four-level jellyfish tower, a variety of climbing elements, wobble boards, an 18-ft slide and more! The playground is located between the Aquarium and Miner’s Landing and will be built along with the pier rebuild starting in late 2022.

This rendering shows the playground at Pier 58. The 18-foot jellyfish structure. Children and adults are at the playground. In the background, you can see the downtown Seattle.
The playground has a large jellyfish and 18-ft slide at its center.

Restroom design

Restroom design

Adjacent to Pier 58 on the park promenade will be a restroom and concierge space. This space is still in design and will reach final design in 2022.

The goals for this restroom are to:

  • Provide a welcoming, safe and clean facility. There will be a concierge during open hours to enhance the visitor experience for the diverse users of the Waterfront.
  • Ensure that the facility serves visitors of all ages and abilities.
  • Express the unique character of the waterfront as well as the historic and cultural background of the site.
  • Provide a fun, relaxing atmosphere for families while waiting, and provide visibility to Pier 58 and especially the playground.
  • Take advantage of technological solutions to provide hands-free door and fixture operations.
This rendering shows an aerial view of the restroom concept design. Across from the restroom is the Fitzgerald Fountain and the shaded tree grove area. There are people walking around the pier.
This rendering shows an aerial view of the restroom concept design.
This rendering shows the restroom from the plaza area on Pier 58. There are people sitting in chairs at tables and at the timber deck seating. The buildings of downtown Seattle are in the background.
This rendering shows the restroom from the plaza area on Pier 58.

Thank you for all your valuable input in the design process for Pier 58 and the playground. After this online open house closes, you will continue to find these materials on our website.